Monday, April 27, 2009

Our next vision-casting night...

... is Sunday night, June 7 @5:30pm at our new location: Cancun Connection (2411 Hall Rd). Come get refreshed on the vision and bring your curious friends!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Our next core group meeting...

... is Saturday night, June 6 at 6pm. John will get us started with PLACE testing. Us four elders have already been through this and it is an unbelievable tool!
We'll be at the greenhouses for this meeting for the last time! If you haven't already read through the minutes of our last CGM, please do so in the post below this one! Leave any questions or feedback!

We had an awesome time at our cookout! It got a little windy, so we moved the party down the road to Erin Keokkeok's house... thanks to all who came out!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Minutes for the Core Group Meeting

I know a few of you weren't able to attend, so here are the complete minutes of our meeting from this afternoon:

Sunday, April 19 2pm

Michelle Thompson, Christine O, Adrianne Thornton, Carol Schindlebeck, Brian Gerst, Tana Schwemin, Matt Schwemin, Justin Thornton, Eric Wagenmaker, John Schindlebeck, Jennifer Wagenmaker.

Justin opened the meeting with prayer at 2:15pm.

I Cor. 12:12-20

Justin commented that we are all one 'body' and that everyone's voice will be heard.

Topic 1: Leadership Structure (in order)

1. Jesus
2. (CMA)
3. Elder Board
4. Deacons/Deaconesses
5. Good Samaritans

-Jesus is the ultimate leader and who ultimately leads us.

-The CMA (Christian and Missionary Alliance - Denomination) is in parenthesis because they are a support network who we answer to and who will give us government and accountability, but will not micro-manage us.

-Church Elders will be founded and rooted with a Biblical basis which is as follows:
Hebrews 13:17, I Timothy 5:17, I Peter 5:1-7, and I Timothy 3.
Justin called attention to John Schindlebeck, Matt Schwemin and Eric Wagenmaker and recognized them as Elders as well as himself, pointing to the preceding scriptures and pointing out that they all align with them. Justin also mentioned that there will be a phase of our church that will have to learn to trust the leadership and they recognize it doesn't just come naturally. There will be a vote six months after the official 'Launch' to confirm eldership.
Justin also pointed out how the four elders balance each other out and how God had brought us together in such a unique way. The Elders spoke on their core giftings and passions:
Justin: His main giftings are Teaching and Leadership. He will be the primary Lead teaching pastor.
Matt: His main passion is service which also ties in to his gifting as well. He will oversee service projects within the church.
Eric: His primary spiritual gift is Administration. His main passion is leading worship and creating a culture that understands what worship really means. He will be the primary worship leader as well as fulfill administrative functions within the church.
John: He has a very balanced personality which allows him to understand many types of people and personalities. He is very passionate about art and creativity. His primary role in the church will be overseeing small groups and helping people thrive in their spiritual gifts/personality/passion/experience as it relates to serving.

-Good Samaritans will be those who serve and lead at volunteer levels, whether its greeters, ushers, sound tech's, etc.

Topic 2: Giving/Tithing

Mark 12:41-44 Giving is a matter of the heart
Malachi 3:10 Giving is of God
2 Corinthians 8:3-4 Giving is a privilege

Budget make-up: (incoming)

50% Start-up (music stands, AV equipment, chairs, pew Bibles, etc)
28% Salaries* (will start being disbursed June 2009)
10% Missions
5% Service Projects
5% Christina Education (materials, resources, etc)
2% District (goes to the CMA for funding other church plants like us)

*Justin also mentioned that the CMA is helping with some salary support as well as some start up costs.

Topic 3: The Planting Plan

When we cast our vision a few weeks back there were three phases to who we're going to be: Love Jesus, Love People, Change the World. In this phase (where we are right now - a core group of about 15), we are going to strive to do one thing well. We don't want to get ahead of ourselves.

-Do "Love Jesus" well phase: we need 50-70 people, child care, preaching and teaching, worship, good Samaritans, counselors, and start up funds.

-Do "Love People" well phase: we need enough people to break up into house churches, train house church Leaders, good house church structure, and materials.
*Michelle asked what we meant by 'house churches'. "Does this mean we're all splitting up and making a bunch of different churches or are these like small groups?"
Justin clarified that these will be 'small groups' and that the Elders had not yet created a specific 'language' or 'title' for these yet.

-Do "Change the World" well phase: Each house church will have their own service project in each season. Also send out missionaries.

*Justin went back and explained that He and Eric will be overseeing 'Love Jesus', John will be overseeing "Love People" and Matt will be overseeing "Change the World".

Topic 4: Where YOU come in!!

John explained PLACE: -A spiritual gift/personality test that recognizes strengths, abilities, passions and experiences and combines them all to figure out where you can serve in the church and THRIVE without burn out. This will begin at our next core group meeting.


Michelle asked: "Will we have a youth group?"
Justin responded by saying our first priority will be children's ministry and that youth groups usually need a youth pastor which will be down the road.

Christine asked: "Are we NOW a church?"
Justin responded by saying that we are emphasizing that we're a 'core group' not a church. We will steer away from 'church' language until we are ready to do the 'first phase' well (love Jesus - see above notes)

Christine asked: "who is the CMA?"
Justin responded by encouraging people to check out their website to look at doctrine, etc.

Michelle asked if there could be a database for everyone's contact info in case anyone wanted to get a hold of someone for any reason. She then volunteered to put that together.

Christine asked if the roles of deacons/deaconesses could better be explained.
Justin responded by saying those who will oversee different aspects of ministries within the church will be deacons. they will be appointed as leaders and will also be Biblically based (latter part of I Timothy 3).

Andrew Hill was absent but presented written questions:
1.) Does everyone understand the vision of Jericho Road?
Justin asked the present members if they could do so... this exercise proved that no one really understood the broad basis of it. Justin went over briefly again what he taught about a few weeks back on the vision-casting night:
Love Jesus (hearing/teaching the word, worship), Love People (small groups, breaking bread, Acts 2:42-47), Change the world (service, missions, outreach).

2.) What does the core group believe our roles should be?
Justin responded by saying he'd talk one on one to Andrew

3.) What does it mean to love Jesus? How do we measure that?
Justin let the present members respond:
"people will see Jesus through you"
"you can measure our love for Christ by spiritual growth"
"you can measure it by the fruit we see in our lives"
"Everyone is at different stages"

***Justin proposed a new meeting site and a new night to meet. He asked Eric to explain the details.
Eric explained that he and his wife have been taking ballroom dance lessons at a restaurant/bar and thought how perfect it would be for meeting there. He explained how he met the owner and shared with her about the church plant he was a part of and the owner was open to have us there on Sunday nights, free of charge. Cancun Connections (formerly 'Rossies') on Hall Road is the location.
Everyone was excited about the possibility and there were no reservations about the location.
Michelle was slightly concerned about meeting at six on sunday nights due to it being the night before the week started, getting kids in the bath and in bed on time, etc. She suggested starting at 4 or 5 if we moved it to sunday nights.

Justin closed the night in prayer 3:50pm

Monday, April 13, 2009

some dates to remember

Sunday, April 19, 2pm: Core Group Meeting - This will be a question/answer type of forum.. be sure to be there!

Friday, April 24, 6:30pm: Matthew Party - the two locations are at Eric and Jenni's and John and Carol's.... choose who your favorites are and go there... just kidding! THIS IS IN PLACE OF BIBLE STUDY FOR THE WEEK.
Be sure to invite your friends!