Sunday, March 1, 2009


Let's see if we can each be responsible for bringing at least one new face next week! I truly believe there is at least one person in all of our lives that could use a little bit more of Jesus! There were lots of new faces this week (Praise God!) so let's keep that going!

Also, let's really get behind meeting the needs that were mentioned this week:

-Furniture for Justin
-A Bike for Nick

I think Nick has a specific one he has his eye on, so who's in for chipping in 5-10 bucks to make this happen? I'm good for $10... comment to this post to add to the pot! Also comment if you know of any furniture we can get into Justin's new place! Let's take care of our people!!

Loving Jesus,
Loving Others.



  1. Update:
    The bike is no longer a need... and we also have gotten a few donations for Justin's furniture needs! keep those coming!
    For those of you who wanted to donate $$ towards the bike, I have a different idea... I have found a great deal on a projector. It's retailing for over $2,000, but it's on craig's list for $450, and it has a new bulb... what do we think?!?!

  2. it's actually $425! and here's the link if you want to see it

  3. Hey Eric could you put this week's "assignment" up..I think I only have half of it... From Acts 2:42 how can we apply devouting ourselves to teaching, fellowship,breaking bread and prayer... but there was another piece to that...wasn't there?? -marcia