Monday, October 5, 2009

Love Mission week 3

October 4-10

This weeks missions:

Daily Bread: Gather up the clothes you don't need/use and bring them to Love INC.

Love Your Enemies: Write a letter to someone you've had deep conflict with. Let them know you forgive them, or that you need to be forgiven.

Read This: Give away a book that has inspired you. write an encouraging note inside of the cover.

Feeding Five Thousand: bring food over to your neighbor. It can be a meal or just a baked good.

Spiritual Warfare: Walk around your neighborhood and pray for it. Stop somewhere and read Matthew 18. Pray for God's saving grace.

Don't be discouraged if you are getting behind. Let's continue to push forward as a community!! Please leave your stories in the comment section below!!


  1. Day 1... I never realized that I had a problem with consuming more and more clothes for myself until I thought about all things I have. When you think about it, it gets kind of depressing that despite the ridiculous amount of clothing I already have, I still desire more....

    Day 2... I didn't necessarily write a letter to a person I considered an "enemy" but more someone that I had allowed unforgiveness towards to harden my heart. It felt very liberating to share my heart and ask for forgiveness and once I got done, I realized I actually had quite a few more letters that I should be writing. I'm not sure if I will actually do that or not, but for now I feel my heart is pure.

    Looking forward to tonight as I meet up with friends at "The Glory House". Praying God uses our group as His hands and feet. Have been praying all day.

  2. I have loved hearing questions about love missions. In any given social circle, I have heard "how are your missions going?" The response following is always honest, and filled with struggle and rejoice. I think as we keep in line with our honest hearts, help each other improvise and be led by Jesus through these tough missions, we will get a whole lot done for the Kingdom of God. In the mean time we are all growing.

  3. Despite being in Atlanta most of the week, I am 3 for 5. I am finding out that I want to continue to repeat the missions I have already done.. it keeps getting a little easier as I gain more confidence... I am praying that this induces a lifestyle change in our church!
    It has also been great doing some of these missions with my wife. We know we are held accountable by each other for many of the missions. Praise God for what He is doing through this!