Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Jericho Road Church Updater!

Tomorrow (November 25) we will be dropping off food for a Thanksgiving meal for our 'adopted' family that we are blessing. If you want to join, meet at Justin's house at 6pm (1464 Lexington Ave. 49441). We are also going to be blessing this family for Christmas as well! more details to come during our Advent series which leads nicely into the next announcement.........

This week we are starting our new series called 'Advent Conspiracy'.... I'm sure we will start seeing more new faces with the holidays approaching so this is your official promotion as an official 'greeter' at Jericho Road Church! Be sure to make everyone feel welcome!

December 24th we will be having our first Christmas Eve service! we haven't nailed down a time yet, but look for it to be in the evening... if you have a preference or a suggested time, feel free to respond!

Don't forget that you can text in your questions about the message, other spiritual matters, etc to 231.740.3919 that will be answered the following Sunday morning service!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


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