Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Love Mission week 7:

Two more weeks to go! It is going to be difficult not to fizzle out here in the home stretch! Let's encourage each other to push through!

This week's missions:

1) A listening ear: Discover a need or interest of a neighbor or friend who doesn't know Christ.

2) I found a dollar!: Leave 1 or a few dollars in strategic places so other people find a surprise.

3) Car note: Leave a note on 3 or 4 cars. Take your time and write something thoughtful and mind-provoking.

4) You first: Open the door for some people and let a few people in front of you in line. Try to develop a daily habit of making people our mission and not just tasks!

5) Follow up: (from a listening ear) Whatever need you heard from that day, act on this need or interest. Whether it's an activity to experience with them, or a physical need you can meet!

As always PLEASE leave your stories of redemption below... I know that even I have been negligent, but let's make these last two weeks a success!

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